‘A Parlor City Christmas’

Artwork by Earl Stanley Yost

Merry Christmas from The MOV Informer and staff!

Christmas, right here in Parlor City!

Local artist Earl Stanley Yost has once again worked his magic with his recent “A Parlor City Christmas.”

The website explains this is a limited edition print of Yost’s version of downtown New Martinsville as he remembers it as a child growing up in the ’50s and ’60s. Historians of New Martinsville will notice he has taken the liberty of overlapping those years to include more of those places everyone loved.

There are 100 prints of each of the four versions: black and white scene, black and white Christmas, color scene and color Christmas, above. Framed prints [23 5/8” x 35 3/4”] are $265 while the 14” x 26 1/2” prints are $75, plus shipping if necessary. Order this piece online at www.estanleyyostart.com; email at estanleyyostart@yahoo.com or via Facebook message at E. Stanley Yost.

For the full story behind this and Parlor City, as well as all four versions, see our 6th annual Arts Supplement [Jan. 1, 2021] next issue!

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