Dave Shelton, WV House, R-8

Dave Shelton

This is to announce my official candidacy on the Republican ticket for state delegate, district 8 primary.
I am not only proud of the opportunity afforded me to run for this prestigious position but to be given the chance to represent the wonderful people of district 8 is something I won’t take lightly. I was asked by many district citizens to run because, despite not being a native West Virginian, since moving here as a writer and reporter, I have heard their concerns and they appreciate that I take the time to listen. I have also embraced the American pride that emanates from those I’ve met. It is what made me permanently become a fully certified WV citizen. My background in the field of news reporting for not only local but national media has given me a deep understanding of politics and what has been missing from our current legislatures, that of a general concern for their constituents. It is fine to make every campaign promise under the sun but unless you focus on the people that elected you and not get caught up in bills and often partisan politics that never trickle down to the needs of your district, then words mean nothing. I have worked on the campaigns of candidates for national offices as well as state and regional and have emphasized one major point that precedes every other one. Listen to your constituents, represent them with their concerns over any other and get them involved. And be accessible. I plan on living up to my campaign slogan: Solving Problems Together. I am not afraid to ask questions, push buttons and stand up for what’s right. I hope, as your delegate, to continue that fight and bring district 8 their best representative they’ve ever had. As the campaign progresses, I will be holding events, rallies, appearances and more. I hope you will attend as many as you can and let me know what concerns you. I will listen to you, not just you listen to me and we will achieve miraculous things. You can reach me at [email protected]

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