Neil Archer, Tyler County Clerk

Neil Archer

Neil is a lifelong resident of Tyler County, born in September 1964 to Neil and the late Nicola Richmond Archer. Neil was a member of the Tyler County High School graduating class of 1982.

Neil began working in the retail grocery industry at the age of 16.  He worked for Witscheys Market starting in the dairy department working his way to be the store manager.

He was elected Tyler County Clerk in November 2016 and took office January 1, 2017. He is now seeking re-election to continue serving the citizens of Tyler County for an additional six years. 

Neil is an active volunteer in the community willing to help wherever and whenever needed. He volunteers his time at the food drives held by the Mountaineer Food Bank, participates in the Christmas programs at the local elementary schools to provide gifts for children in need, serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of Senior Tyler Countians, and serves as President of the Middlebourne Cemetery Association.

Neil has donated to the trophy fund at the Tyler County Fair Livestock Barn, to the Tyler FFA scholarship fund, to the fund to assist the Tyler FFA purchase a new refrigerated trailer, and made donations to events held by the Tycon Knights Youth Football Program. Neil has also been a buyer at the Tyler FFA Ham and Bacon Sale, donating his purchases to the Tyler County Senior Center.

Neil is a member of Middlebourne Lodge #34 AF & AM, Wheeling Scottish Rite, Parkersburg WV Nemesis Shriners and a member of the Tyler County Shrine Club.

After being elected and taking office in January 2017, Neil set forth goals and has accomplished many of those. 

Elections is one of the many jobs within the County Clerk Office.  Neil has worked hard to make the election process as easy as possible for his staff, the election officials, and voters.

Neil has purchased new state of the art voting equipment for the voters of Tyler County, gave election officials a pay raise, delivers and sets up all election equipment to designated polling places to take that burden away from the election officials on Election Day then picks that equipment up after the election, and works with his staff to make Election Day go as smooth as possible for all involved.

Within the office, Neil has purchased new computers at no cost to the taxpayers and recently updated the software to a more user-friendly version for document inquiry and online searches.  Many of the older record books have been restored through a records management grant acquired by the County Clerk and staff.

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