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Not everything on our site is behind a paywall. We'll be adding free content from our writers as time goes on, but already all of our arts supplements are available. So tell the grands and greatgrands they can view their darlings' submitted work right here. 🙂

However, we do request you register on this site as a free subscriber so we can keep you updated about any additional promotions, features, etc. that we may offer. We will not sell your information nor will we [shudder] spam your inbox. You can do that here. Maybe we'll offer a loyal reader prize pack some day!

Now on to the free content!

The weather pages and the crossword puzzles are also free, free, free!

The weather section has a page for each county -- Washington, Monroe, Belmont, Tyler and Wetzel -- with a local forecast and severe weather alerts. The main weather page includes a seasonal area photo gallery as well as links to seasonal weather safety.

The crosswords are supplied by the same site that provides our print version. The advantage to the online listing, however, is there are seven -- yes, SEVEN! -- daily puzzles, each increasing in difficulty.

The Victory Garden series -- with live links! -- has been posted as free access because self-suffiency remains a benefit during these pandemic times.

Also, because this area simply teems with hauntings and those who chase them -- you know who you are! -- we've just added the Haunted Mid-Ohio Valley feature story from the Feb. 28, 2020, issue since there were tons of special events around that time because of the Full Moon coinciding with Friday the 13th. Heads up!

Plus, we've put our very popular How to get a job series outside our paywall as well as our most recent Disaster Preparedness series. As well as the Quick Response Team established in Tyler County to help battle drugs.

YES! For the many of you who have been searching this site aware we have done a couple of stories about local country music artist Evan Cunningham, we have now placed those stories outside the paywall! In case you are wondering, because of the way this site had to be built the issues themselves are not searchable.

I've placed our two digital-only COVID-19 issues here. These issues were available online only because delivering door-to-door during the pandemic's original lockdown would have sent the wrong message. 🙂

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