As a professional print and web publication, our work is copyrighted. Most of our published work is original, written by staff -- both current and former. Some are press releases.

Here are the five major types of attribution online:

  1. Original contentMaterial that was either created specifically for this newspaper or material created previously that has never been published before. As previously stated most of our content is original.
  2. CC licensed content Materials previously released under a Creative Commons license. We do occasionally use CC licensed content [photos].
  3. Copyrighted video content Materials from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources whose Terms of Use allow embedding. While the newspaper obviously doesn't contain videos, we may choose to employ some on this site.
  4. Public domain contentMaterials no longer covered by copyright. Yes, as needed.
  5. CC licensed content with specific attribution requirements. No, not in the printed edition because we can't provide the required links.

However, with a small staff and no dedicated professional photographer, we often do make use of freely available online photographs. These fall into the second category: CC licensed content. Our favorite sources include: Unsplash, pxhere, pixabay, pxfuel, morguefile and pexels. We also use images from social media, which is considered public domain, primarily to help publicize events.