WV primary May 10

Unofficial West Virginia primary results

WV May 10 primary dates & deadlines

While West Virginia does require an accepted form of identification, a photo ID is not required. Be sure you have an accepted form of identification.

State and Tyler, Wetzel candidate listings -- Listing includes features stories on each of the seven candidates for U.S. House District 2 as well as any announcements submitted by local candidates. The Republican interviews ran in Issue 3, cover dated February 11. Interviews with the two Democrat candidates ran in Issue 4, cover dated February 25.

West Virginia redistricting refresher

Er, where do I vote? Between dropping from three to two Representatives to our U.S. Congress then the West Virginia House of Delegates moving from multi-representative districts to 100 single-member districts, there's no wonder we all need a clear-cut  way to learn which of those changes affects our own self -- Hence this online interactive map.

Tyler County Poll locations, some have changed -- Here's a list of the polling sites in Tyler County. Be sure to check because a couple have changed locations.

Were our local legislators effective during the regular 2022 session? Here's the information you need to make that determination for yourself. In case you did not know, The INNformer tracks in our print editions our local legislators' activity during the sessions.