Unofficial Ohio primary results

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These election results were compiled on election night and are not official. According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website: *Results are unofficial until the Secretary of State certifies the results of the election. The official canvass is completed approximately one month after the conclusion of the election, and results will be released following our Office’s review of the county boards of elections’ official canvass reports.

By Charles Winslow

While Republican challenger Joe Blystone may have carried Monroe County, incumbent Ohio Governor Mike DeWine beat back Blystone and two other Republican challengers state-wide to win the Republican Primary for governor during the Buckeye State’s May 3 primary. 
First elected in 2018, DeWine won the Republican primary with an estimated 48.1 percent of the vote, carrying 63 of the Buckeye State’s 88 counties.  Challenger and former Congressman Jim Renacci came in second with 28 percent and carried only two counties. Businessman and political newcomer Joe Blystone came in third after carrying 23 counties but receiving only 21.8 percent. Ron Hood, a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, received only 2.1 percent.

DeWine will face Nan Whaley in the November General Election after she trounced John Cranley in the Democrat primary 65.1 percent to Cranley’s 34.9 percent. Whaley, a former mayor of Dayton, carried 80 of the state’s counties.

In the contentious Republican Primary race for U.S. Senate, J.D. Vance defeated six other candidates to win the Republican Primary. Vance, a Trump-backed venture capitalist, won with 32.2 percent of the vote statewide. John Mandel, former state treasurer, received 23.9 percent while businessman Mike Gibbons came in fourth with 11.6 percent. Candidates Jane Timken received 5.9 percent, Mark Pukita 2.1 percent and Neil Patel, less than 1 percent.

Vance will face Democrat Tim Ryan in November.  Ryan, currently a member of the House of Representatives representing Ohio’s 13th Congressional District handily beat Morgan Harper and Traci Johnson with 69.7 percent of the vote. Harper received 17.7 percent and Johnson 12.5 percent.

In the Sixth Congressional District primary election, five-term incumbent Congressman Bill Johnson easily won the Republican Primary with 76.4 percent districtwide. He beat political newcomer John Anderson, who received 13 percent, as well as Michael Morgenstern, 7 percent and Gregory Zelenitz, who garnered 3.6 percent.

Johnson will face Lou Lyras, a Youngstown contractor, who received 31.3 percent. Lyras beat Eric Jones, 25.3 percent; Shawna Roberts, 24.9 percent, and Mark Alexander, 18.4 percent.

Locally, in Monroe County overall turnout was 21.87 percent. Out of the 9,222 registered voters only 2,017 cast ballots in the May 3 primary.

In the Republican Primary for governor Joe Blystone carried Monroe County with 684 votes, or 51.12 percent of the ballots cast. Incumbent Governor Mike DeWine received 422 votes, 32.54 percent. Jim Renacci 194 votes, or 14.50 percent and Ron Hood 38 votes, 2.84 percent.

On the Democrat side, 379 Monroe County Democrats voted for Nan Whaley, giving her 66.37 percent over John Cranley, who earned 192 votes.

For U.S. Senate, in the Republican Primary, J.D. Vance carried the county with 38.60 percent, or 503 votes. John Mandel came in second with 30.08 percent, 392 votes; Jane Timkin had 10.97 percent, 143 votes. Matt Dolan received 96 votes; Mike Gibbons 93 votes, Mark Pukita 58 votes and Neil Patel with 18 votes.

In the Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate Tim Ryan received 417 votes, or 71.04 percent of the total cast countywide, with Traci Johnson second at 87 votes, or 14.82 percent. Johnson narrowly outpaced Morgan Harper, who had 83 votes.

In the Republican Primary for the 6th Congressional District, incumbent Bill Johnson dominated Monroe County 83.26 percent of the votes cast, receiving 1,074 votes. John Anderson received 101 votes, Michael Mogenstern 89 and Gregory Zelenitz 26.

In Washington County out of 42,256 registered voters, 9,383, or 22.21 percent, cast ballots in the May 3 primary.

In the Republican Primary for governor, Incumbent Mike DeWine carried Washington County with 2,841 votes, or 41.38 percent.  Joe Blystone recived 2,157 votes, or 31.42 percent. Jim Renacci recieved 1,682 votes, 24.50 percent, and Ron hood came in a distant fourth with only 186 votes cast.

On the Democrat Party side, Nan Whaley dominated with 70.24 percent, or 1,331 votes, with John Cranley getting 564.

In the U.S. Senate race, on the Republican side J.D. Vance pulled in 2,443 votes, or 36.49 percent. Josh Mandel came in second with 1,695 votes, 25.32 percent; Jane Timken, 963 votes, 14.38 percent, and Matt Dolan received 870 votes, 12.99 percent. Mike Gibbons received 511 and Neil Patel with 69.

In the Democrat Party’s race for U.S. Senate Tim Ryan dominated with 1,244 votes, giving him 65.30 percent of votes cast. Morgan Harper received 334 votes with Traci Johnson at 327.

In the primary for the Sixth Congressional District, incumbent Bill Johnson walked away from the pack with 82.48 percent, with 5,406 votes. John Anderson received 577 votes, or 8.80 percent while Michael Morgenstern received 453 votes and Gregory Zelenitz at 118.

In Washington County, the Mental Health Levy renewal passed with 59.80 percent approval. 5,543 voters were for the tax levy while 3,726 voted against the .5 mil/ 5-year levy.

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